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Avnet Expanding Central European Logistics and Integration Center in Tongeren

Brussels, 28 April 2008:

Avnet, Inc. (NYSE:AVT), a global technology distribution and services company, has broken ground on a 10.000 m2 expansion of its Tongeren, Belgium, central distribution center, which houses both a pan-European distribution and logistics operation and an integration center, primarily serving Avnet Technology Solutions EMEA customers. The total area will be 34.000 m2, doubling the size of its current integration services area. 

The facility houses Avnet’s fully automated, centralized European logistics and integration services center, which is ISO 9001 certified for quality standards and ISO14001 certified for meeting environmental management standards. A wide range of high value-added integration and logistic services for Avnet’s business partners are delivered from the Tongeren facility. In 2007, more than eight million enterprise servers, storage devices, thin clients, wireless mobility devices and other information technology equipment components were shipped through the center.

Dick Borsboom, president of Avnet Technology Solutions EMEA, said, “This new expansion will provide the needed capacity to meet Avnet’s growth in EMEA. As the leading distributor of electronic components and computer equipment, Avnet controls a highly specialized supply chain. Doubling our integration infrastructure will underpin our strategy of delivering high value-added services for our business partners.”

Avnet opened the Tongeren facility in July 1999. Since then, it has been instrumental in Avnet’s ability to serve customers throughout Europe. Real-time bar code locating systems are used to track shipping, invoice and inventory performance. The system integration practice boasts an electrostatic discharging (ESD) environment. Integration services are delivered by a team of 130 skilled people and include pre-sales support and validation of configuration, production, testing of designs and assembly of systems, integration to customer specifications and vendor standards, software loading and bundled applications, custom technical documentation, and reseller training and support.

In addition, Avnet provides logistics services from the center, including supply chain services, demand planning, warehousing, transportation management and logistics network design.

Jim Smith, president of Avnet Logistics, said, “With double the current capacity for integration services and high bay, narrow aisle storage, the expanded Avnet distribution center will allow us to offer even better service to our customers throughout EMEA.”

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