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Avnet Technology Solutions Fact Sheets

Avnet Technology Solutions Fact Sheets
Each quarter, we summarise our key milestones and financial facts for that quarter. Please take a moment to review our latest Fact Sheet.

Case Study – The Avnet and IBM solution for Prague Stock Exchange
Avnet and IBM successfully installed the first hybrid PureFlex with Power P260 node in Central and Eastern Europe, at the Prague Stock Exchange. The Pureflex solution is being run in two locations: at the headquarters in Rybná street in Prague 1 district and at the back-up location situated in the Commercial Bank building in Štěpánská street in Prague 1, close to the Stock Exchange building.

Both locations are synchronised using MIMIX High Availability Solution. The back-up (secondary) location is used for crash scenarios testing and when PTF’s (O/S Post Temporary Fix) are applied. It is also used in the case of any unplanned outages or failures.

The PureFlex with Power P260 node solution is also equipped with IBM i/OS and x86 node, including SVC and V3700. In addition to the installation, the project consisted of migrating the existing AS/400 (P520) servers to the new system.

Celebrating Avnet’s 50th year on the New York Stock Exchange Celebrating Avnet’s 50th year on the New York Stock Exchange
50 years on the NYSE distinguishes
Avnet as a premier company -
one with global scale and scope,
demonstrated adaptability, a strong
culture and financial conservatism.
These positive attributes have
allowed Avnet to grow consistently
and profitably over time, and become
the leader in technology distribution.

Avnet Inc. Annual and quarterly reports

Avnet Inc Annual Report
Transparency, fairness and clarity in information management are top priorities at Avnet, so we will always share information with you in a detailed and timely manner. Read our publications for an overview.

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