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Avnet is seeking individuals keen to learn, grow and develop while helping the company grow its position as a leader in software services. We wish to identify and develop the potential in every employee to help change and to create value for the customer.


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Senior Sales Professional
location:  Dublin
Date posted:  30 August 2015

Microsoft Systems Technical Lead
location:  Dublin
Date posted:  18 June 2015

SSIS Data Integration Consultant
location:  Dublin
Date posted:  17 June 2015

Senior Business Intelligence Consultant
location:  Dublin, Ireland
Date posted:  10 June 2015

Senior SAP Logistics Consultant
location:  Dublin, Ireland
Date posted:  11 May 2015

Senior Java Developer
location:  Dublin, Ireland
Date posted:  30 April 2015

BI Programme/Project Manager
location:  Dublin Ireland
Date posted:  29 April 2015

Project Manager
location:  Dublin Ireland
Date posted:   8 April 2015

ODI Consultant Dublin
location:  Dublin Ireland
Date posted:   5 March 2015

Business Intelligence Consultants
location:  Dublin Ireland
Date posted:   4 March 2015

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We're seeking the best and brightest people and offer exciting opportunities for professional growth to our employees. If you are interested in an exciting career at Avnet Client Solutions, apply by e-mail to HR at

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We are always looking for talented people

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We are always looking for talented people
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