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SolutionsPath™ Proof of Concept and Demonstrations

For more information on which demonstrations are currently available please browse through the list below:

Brocade (Remote Demonstrations)   

  • Brocade DCX Backbone
    Brocade demonstration and POC for: user interfaces and software capabilities; clarification of  specific Brocade software functionality; driving competitive features of Brocade software to the forefront; verifying Brocade software functionality; gaining instant access to current versions of all Brocade products.

  • Brocade IronView Network Manage
    Complete remote demonstration of Brocade IronView Network Manager showing the management of Layer 2/3, Layer 4-7, wireless, and MPLS products. Including  lifecycle management capabilities for configuration, monitoring, and management through policy-based capabilities for network-wide features such as access control lists, rate limiting policies, VLANs, Power over Ethernet (PoE), software image and configuration updates, performance monitoring, change management, and reporting.

  • Brocade Virtual Cluster Switching
    Remote demonstration o Brocade’s converged switch offerings showing the full functionality of the integration between Ethernet and SAN fabrics.

  • SAN Solutions
    Full set of on demand demonstrations of Brocade’s SAN fabric switches and integration with Avnet’s solutions centre storage environment. Including unified system management using Data Center Fabric Manager (DCFM).

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Commvault (Local and Remote Demonstrations)

  • Simpana 9 (SharePoint, Exchange  & VmWare integration), Archive and De-Duplication
    Full set of demonstrations showcasing CommVault’s backup, recovery, archive and replication of file systems and applications along with deduplication, encryption and compression.

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EMC (Local and Remote Demonstrations)

  • EMC Avamar
    Integrated and standalone demonstration of EMC Avamar back-up and recovery though its unique de-duplication technology.

  • Networker
    Fully unified Enterprise back-up & recovery solution demo, integrated with Avamar client and Data domain.

  • Source One Archive Family
    Integrated and stand alone demonstration of source one archive and compliance solution for email and file systems.

  • Recoverpoint
    Full demonstration of Recoverpoint remote replication and protection solution.

  • Replication Manager
    Demonstration of the single view of management that Replication Manager provides across all of EMC’s technologies.

  • EMC AX4-5i , CX4
    Demonstrations of previous generation of mid range storage for POC, demo and customer testing.

  • Celerra NAS
    Demonstration of fully integrated EMC NAS system with VMware integration.

  • EMC Data Domain
    Fully integrated back-up demonstration showing complete and to end back-up de-duplication solutions.

  • VNXe & VNX   
    Demonstrations on VNX, VNXe, and associated software option packs – Local protect, remote Protect, application Protect, FAST plus RecoverPoint, avamar, networker, DPA, data domain, and archiving products.

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F5 (Remote Demonstrations)   

  • F5 Big IP
    Demonstration and proof of concept facilities available for all F5 Big-IP modules. These modules include Local Traffic Manager, Access Policy Manager, Application Security Manager, Global Traffic Manager and  Webaccelerator.

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Hitachi Data Systems (Local and Remote Demonstrations)   

  • AMS
    Core functionality including Hitachi Storage Navigator Modular 2, Dynamic Provisioning, RAID group and LUN provisioning, Snapshot and Clones, internal LUN migration. Replication between Bracknell and Warrington.

  • Hitachi HiCommand Command Suite
    Demonstration of the following key components of the and how they integrate into a seamless single pain of glass management system:
    • Device manager
    • Tuning manager
    • Replication manager.

  • IT Operation Analyzer   
    Auto discovery, auto topology, single pain of glass management dashboard, root cause analysis.

  • HNAS Platform
    Core functionality, setup of volumes and shares and snapshot capability.

    Core functionality including Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning, Dynamic Tiering, RAID group and LUN provisioning, Snapshot and Clones, internal LUN migration. Virtualisation of external Hitachi and 3rd Party Storage, Replication between Bracknell and Warrington.

  • HCP
    Core concepts, Replication between Bracknell and Warrington and search across all types meta data.

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HP (Remote Demonstrations) 

  • HP Blade System Matrix   
    Hardware overview, Blade provisioning and configuration (Including Rapid Deployment), overview of Virtual Connect and Flex 10 connectivity.

  • HP Storage Essentials
    Full demonstration of the features and benefits of storage essentials, including discovery management and reporting on Heterogeneous Storage environments.

  • HP Intelligent Management Center
    Demonstration of HP’s Intelligent Management Center software tools for managing all aspects of Heterogeneous Networking.

  • HPLeftHand
    Hardware overview of storage provisioning and configuration, host configuration and storage presentation.

  • Storage Management Appliance EVA
    Command View familiarity including general administration and operation, advanced features including continuous access, business copy snapshots and thin provisioning.

  • HP System Insight Manager
    Demonstration System Insight manager accessing and monitoring HP servers and storage.

  • HP Virtual Connect Manager Simulator
    Simulator showing how Virtual Connect manager manages all aspects of the SAN and LAN management on HP Blade systems.

  • HP Insite Control
    Demonstration allowing users to migrate, manage and remotely access Proliant servers through a single console.

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IBM (Local and Remote Demonstrations)   

  • IBM Storewize V7000   
    Fully integrated demonstration and POC capabilities showing the simplicity and management of IBM’s Virtual Storage platform.

  • IBM Storewize V7000 Unified   
    File based storage capability that further enhances the flexibility of the V7000 and options for consolidation demonstration.

  • IBM XIV Storage Solution  
    Enterprise class disk storage integrated with various host environments to show the platforms capabilities, and highlighting the ultimate ease of use interface.

    * now rolled into V7000 Demos.

  • IBM  Protectier
    De-duplication demonstrations highlighting storage optimization capabilities in the backup environment.

  • Realtime compression for NAS
    “Storing more with what’s on the floor”. ‘Real-world’ demo of compression working in real-time.

  • N-Series
    Multiple systems provide a flexible environment for numerous demonstration options. Application/environment integration is a ‘must-see’.

  • Automated Tape Library
    TS3200 - Physical tape working with Tivoli software and encryption.

  • Tivoli Automation  & Storage Management
    Tivoli monitoring and application aware FlashCopy integration.

  • Lotus and Websphere demo’s, rLab Democenter, Security Solutions   
    • IBM collaboration and social software with unified communications
    • WebSphere Portal and application Server for application testing and compatibility PoT
    • Informix and DB2 provisioning for version, compatibility and migration PoT.

  • Power Systems,  Blade and X-series
    • Power6 & Power7 technologies:
      Demo & Proofs of concept around these, showcasing advanced functions, including SSDs, over IBM i, AIX & linux, and highlighting PowerVM virtualization, PowerHA, System Director and EasyTier with external storage, as above
    • System x/Blade:
      Multiple systems available to demonstrate ease of management, performance and consolidated workloads running with the major virtualisation and IBM systems management technologies. Available for POC and workshop education days.

  • Virtualbridges VDI Solution
    An attractive full featured and cost effective alternative for a flexible virtual desktop solution. Learn how to size, deploy and manage this IBM offering.

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Microsoft (Local Demonstrations)

  • SharePoint 2010
    Full suite of SharePoint demonstrations, including integration into sharepoint.

  • Windows 2008 R2 (Hyper-V)
    Virtualisation platform from Microsoft, demonstrating integration and management via System Center. Utilising storage infrastructure to show high availability options.

  • Microsoft System Center
    Enterprise management demonstration service, enabling integration with other services in demo suite. Demonstrate simplistic approach to packaging and delivery of software and patches using a controlled platform. Full suite will be deployed, including Virtual Machine Management (VMware and Hyper-V), infrastructure monitoring and service delivery.

  • Microsoft Lync
    Communication and Collaboration solution, integrated with System Center and Hyper-V. 
    This has been integrated into Exchange 2010, allowing demonstration of the following Lync functions:
    • Instant messaging
    • Presence
    • Voice and video calling
    • Conferencing and desktop sharing
    • Email integration for unified voice

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    Netapp (Local and Remote Demonstrations)

    • BalancePoint
      Topology view and features, storage analytics, ESX performance index, VM/Workload analytics, Scorecard and reports.

    • NetApp Storage Introduction
      Core features of Data ONTAP including Snapshot backup and recovery, dynamic volume management, volume cloning, deduplication, replication and illustration of NetApp System Manager (NSM) environment.

    • Operations Manager
      Core features of Operations Manager, Performance Advisor, and Protection Manager.

    • SnapManager for Exchange(SME)  V6.0
      Working with Exchange 2010 to demonstrate: Backup and restore of Exchange using SME, Single Mailbox Recovery wizard within SME and database availability support with SME.

    • SnapManager for SQL Server (SMSQL)
      Working with MS SQL 2008 to demonstrate: Backup and restore of SQL server using SMSQL, database cloning within SMSQL and SnapMirror Disaster Recovery using SMSQL.

    • SnapManager for Virtual Infrastructure
      Obsolete as stand-alone GUI.

    • Storage Virtualization with V-Series
      May be possible locally when NetApp plus external storage available in The Resource.

    • NetApp SnapProtect 9.0
      Backup and restore VMs using SnapProtect, single file recovery using SnapProtect, SnapProtect integration with OnCommand (DFM).

    • VMware – NetApp Virtual Storage Console (VSC)
      Backup and restore of VMs using VSC, single file restore within a VM using VSC, rapid cloning using VSC and storage provisioning.

    • VMware SRM with SnapMirror
      Fully integrated demonstration of the integration of Snapmirror, SRM operations manager and Vcenter.

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    Oracle/Sun (Local Demonstrations)   

    • Oracle VDI & Sun Ray Demo and POC   
      Fixed and mobile demonstration of Oracles VDI and Sun Ray endpoint solutions, including integration with iPad. The demonstration uses Oracle’s Virtualbox, VMWare View, Microsoft RDS and VDI solutions and shows user flexibility and mobility through Smart card authentication.

    • M-series Server POC & demo & Application testing   
      Demonstration, POC and benchmarking solutions for Oracle’s M3, M4 & M5000 systems, showing dynamic system domains, Solaris containers, fully integrated with Oracle and heterogeneous storage environments.

    • Oracle Ops Centre& Deployment   
      Full suite of live demonstrations of Oracle’s Enterprise manager Ops Center software, showing patch management, application, server & storage provisioning and system monitoring.

    • ZFS Appliance Demo & POC   
      Oracle ZFS appliance demonstration of the system, its user interface and unique storage analytics. Also available for POC, Benchmarking.

    • Blade 6000  
      Fully integrated B6000 chassis managed and deployed through Ops Center showcasing Oracle X-86 and SPARC technology working seamlessly in the same blade chassis.

    • X-86 deployment   
      Demonstration of the integration of Oracle OVM, Solaris for X-86 and Oracle Enterprise Linux working together with Microsoft Windows, Hyper-V & VMware VSpehere.

    • Oracle Enterprise Linux   
      Full set of demonstrations showing the management and migration of EOL.

    • OVM Demo    
      Demonstration of Oracle VM with over 90 pre-tested templates for deploying Oracle DB, applications and third party software.

    • T-Series Server Demo's & POC's
    • Demonstration, POC and benchmarking solutions for Oracle’s T-series Servers  systems, showing Oracle VM for Solaris, Solaris containers, fully integrated with Oracle and heterogeneous storage environments. 

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    Riverbed (Local Demonstrations)   

    • Steelhead WAN Optimization
      Full set of demonstrations showing the benefits of Riverbed WAN acceleration technology in a storage, network and IP environment. The two Avnet Resource centres are located at opposite side of the UK and connected via an internet VPN tunnel. Avnet have a demonstration of how we optimise the application, replication, VDI and management traffic.

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    Symantec (Remote Demonstrations)   

    • Enterprise Vault    
      General administration and operation including MS Exchange mailbox and journal archiving, the ‘User Experience’ and overview of Discovery Accelerator.

    • Netback-up
      General administration and operation, advanced features including VMware virtual machine backup and recovery, MS Exchange backup and recovery with GRT and client backups with media server deduplication option.

    • Netback-up Puredisk
      General administration and operation, advanced features including PureDisk optimized replication and NetBackup integration.

    • Backup Exec
      General administration and operation, advanced features including VMware virtual machine backup and recovery, MS Exchange backup and recovery with GRT and client backups with media server deduplication option.

    • Symantec Data Loss Prevention
      Full suite of demonstrations for Symantec Data Loss prevention solutions.

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    Syncsort (Remote Demonstrations) 

    • NetApp-Syncsort Integrated Backup
      Fully integrated demonstration environment showcasing the Syncsort “zero impact backup” solution.

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    VMware (Remote Demonstrations)   

    • Double-Take for VM
      Demonstration showing the integration of Double-Take and VMware in a compliant back-up environment.

    • VMware Management
      Full suite of demonstrations of VMware vCenter™ Operations, VMware Site Recovery Manager™ solutions in a multi-vendor server and storage environment.

    • VMware vCloud Director
      Demonstration of vCloud director for both client and administrators alike to provision and deploy workload based templates.

    • VMware Virtual Desktop
      Demonstration of VMware View VDI solution, showing the creation and deployments of VDI workspaces to numerous desktops and end points.

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