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THE [resource] Your Solutions Centre

Across the globe Avnet Technology Solutions (Avnet) is helping Business Partners deliver real solutions to the business challenges faced by their end-user customers. Fundamental to this approach are Avnet’s  THE [resource] solution centres established to enable low risk joint proposition selling.

THE [resource] solution centres are conveniently located in the South of England at Bracknell, Berkshire and in the North of England at Warrington, Cheshire. Both venues offer an interactive meeting place for Business Partners to demonstrate value to their customers and also validate multi-vendor solutions.

The centres contain all the facilities required to:

  •  Demonstrate bespoke business solutions
  •  Undertake proof of concept testing
  •  Carry out performance benchmarking
  •  Investigate competitive analysis
  •  Embark on application migration/porting/versioning
  •  Deliver solutions enablement and training
  •  Prove return on investment (ROI) and real life business benefits.

How to Book THE [resource]

It is easy to book a meeting, demonstration or training session or get more information.

Simply speak to your Account Manager, call 01344 662000 or email:

How to Book THE [resource]

Simply speak to your Account Manager

call + 44 (0)1344 662 000

or email

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