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Exadata and Exalytics Proof of Concept Facilities now available

26 March 2013:

Oracle Server

Avnet has recently extended its Oracle Engineered Systems resources for you, our UK partners and your customers, by providing access to localised Exadata and Exalytics Proof of Concept facilities either on site, off site or remotely via The Resource centre in Avnet’s Bracknell office.

So if your customers are considering migrating to an Oracle appliance or looking to consolidate their environments onto a shared service, why not propose a POC to help move a decision along?

Lee Davies, Oracle Business Unit Manager at Avnet commented “In light of Oracle seeing huge growth and strong pipeline around Oracle’s Engineered Systems offering the new Exadata and Exalytics POC facility will help our Oracle partners in the UK close more engineered systems business with their customers and generate help drive incremental revenues”

As well as taking advantage of the Exadata and Exalytics POC facility* you may also want to extend your in-house services without the overheads. Through Avnet you can now create additional revenue and margin opportunities by adding a range of brand new and exclusive Oracle Exadata and Exalytics service offerings into your portfolio, including Proof of Concept services, Installation Services and Managed Services.

Avnet’s exclusive cost effective service offerings aim to support you in the delivery of software services and consultancy around Oracle’s Engineered Solutions portfolio.

Lee Davies stated “The Exa services are necessary to help you close a sale but doesn’t need to be an expensive option through Avnet. There is plenty of support available from a highly experienced team who can help you architect the right solution. They can get your customers’ Exa installations up and running in days with the Exa installation service provided through Avnet and at a reasonable cost”, he added “This experienced team will also support Exa migrations and value can be quickly delivered. You will also receive ongoing support, which is available remotely or on-site and complements Platinum services.”

There are three service propositions currently available from Avnet:

1.Exadata and Exalytics PoC Services

Demonstrate Oracle’s leading infrastructure and software to your client base, from a basic proof of concept session of one day to an advanced POC. Avnet will undertake tasks such as the pre-configuration of databases with requirements of customers, evaluate, compare and test data against current systems, collate data and make best practice recommendations.

Additional Proof of Concept features:

  • On customer site or our solutions centre
  • Discovery or planning session
  • Objectives outlined
  • Pre-configuration of databases with requirements of customer
  • Installation and implementation phase
  • Collate data
  • Recommendations and reports.

2. Installation Services including Exadata and Exalytics

Oracle consultants are of the highest grade and perform tasks such as performance tuning, health checks, bottleneck resolution, functional reviews and project management. We take pride in ensuring your customers get the most out of their Oracle investment. Current types of engagements include:

  • Install
  • Configuration
  • Connection to existing networks
  • System monitoring.

3. Managed Services for Oracle Software including Exadata and Exalytics

Avnet offers Oracle Managed Services giving your business the opportunity to on-board your customer and continue to add value to their business. Avnet gives you the ability to offer your customers DBA managed services by white-labelling them as yours, thus enabling you to provide the software support with minimal effort.

    Typical features include;

  • 24 x 7 x 365 DBA support
  • Database upgrades and migrations support proactive or reactive options
  • Dedicated DBA
  • Patching Management
  • Quarterly Health Checks
  • 30 minutes urgent response
  • DR Testing
  • Backup implementation
  • Performance Tuning.

Exadata Overview

Oracle's next generation Database Machine, Oracle Exadata X3, combines massive memory and low-cost disks to deliver the highest performance and petabyte scalability at the lowest cost. It is the ideal database platform for the varied and unpredictable workloads of cloud computing.

Oracle Exadata X3 systems leverage next-generation technologies to deliver significant improvements, including up to 40 percent faster response times, up to 30 percent reduction in power and cooling and the ability to store and manage hundreds on TB of data entirely in flash. It is also now available in a new, low-cost Eighth-rack configuration.

With Oracle Exadata your customers can reduce IT costs through consolidation, store up to ten times more data, improve performance of all applications, deliver a faster time-to-market by eliminating systems integration trial and error, and make better business decisions in real time.


Exalytics Overview

The industry's first in-memory BI machine that delivers the fastest performance for business intelligence and planning applications.

To find out more about Avnet’s POC facilities, please contact your Avnet Account Manager who will be happy to help.

*Use of the Exadata and Exalytics POC facility is subject to a prerequisite review with the main criteria being that there must be an actual qualified customer requirement with revenue generation potential. The Exadata and Exalytics POC facility and associated services are chargeable, this charge will be reduced on purchase of an Exadata or Exalytics box and/or utilisation of the associated services.

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