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Get more from technology through training

When your organisation invests in any form of technology, it’s usually to create new opportunities for innovation, efficiency, scalability and effectiveness. But applying technology to get the best possible outcome relies on having up-to-date knowledge and expertise based on good quality training. By keeping skills and certifications current, true IT professionals are able to distinguish themselves and build fulfilling careers. Education gives you the competitive edge that means you can create better technology experiences for your organisation faster.

Address your training needs in your environment, your way

Avnet’s training arm, Avnet Academy offers the widest range of courses, delivered by consultants, who are experts in their field. Using high quality content and the best trainers, training is often available to match your preferred learning style, including onsite, off-site, online and virtual self-paced courses. With Avnet’s commitment to helping you learn how to deploy software and hardware solutions in complex real-world environments, Avnet is the safe choice to ensure you get the skills you need to transform technology into business solutions and accelerate your success.

Find out about reselling Avnet Academy training

As an Avnet business partner you can use our range of training courses to improve the knowledge and education of your own team. Or you can leverage our re-sell opportunities to offer training courses to your end user customers that will add value and generate an additional margin rich revenue stream for your business.

Learn from an organisation committed to accelerating your success

Avnet Academy has built an excellent reputation for delivering IT training to students around the globe. The latest official courseware and the best trainers ensure you’ll get superior training. With training to match your preferred learning style, and pre-payment programmes such as Avnet training credits, Avnet will help your training budgets stretch further. Avnet is committed to helping you learn how to deploy solutions in complex real-world environments, which is why we offer customised training roadmaps and support beyond the classroom after the class has finished. For IT professionals, Avnet is the safe choice to ensure you get the skills you need to transform technology into business solutions and accelerate your success.



Contact the training team on +44 (0)1344 355 866 to discuss your training and education requirements in more detail. Avnet’s trainers are ready to accelerate your success.

Avnet Academy UK is on Twitter.

Time to get smart with IT training budgets.


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