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Transform your organisation with business critical enterprise IT services

Keeping up with the latest technology advances while balancing cost, access and convenience is challenging.

Now more than ever, businesses need help understanding and simplifying their options and creating better solutions to deliver the best possible outcomes.

What's Your Mix? Avnet provides the right mix of services to help meet your needs and reach your goals.

Avnet's services experts can help you evaluate, architect, implement, understand, use and maintain your technology investments using a unique mix of enterprise IT services that blend seamlessly together to solve complex business problems.

Based on your needs, we can help you select the appropriate offerings and services to respond to changing business conditions and recognise a better return on investment.


Identify and solve your most complex business problems while gaining a competitive advantage

Avnet can help your business adapt – or even transform – practically and purposefully. Using distinct services for 360 degree coverage across your technology lifecycle, Avnet can help eliminate complexities at any stage by:

  • optimising your technology investments
  • extending your business capabilities
  • simplifying your IT environment
  • lowering your total cost of ownership
  • accelerating your value realisation.

Avnet provides 360 degree coverage that spans the IT technology lifecycle.

No one else in the industry has the combined portfolio of services, capabilities and technology at its disposal to solve business complexities using a single ecosystem. Combine that with leading-edge talent and global reach, and you've got a partner who can help you recognise real business benefits while adapting to the speed of innovation.

This is what we call Ingenuity in Motion.



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Grow your business

Avnet has made significant investments to create an innovative portfolio of market led services that can be resold by Business Partners, to help them grow their business with new and existing customers.

Business Partners can tap into a range of complementary services as and when they need them, saving cost and time.

If you’re tasked with finding affordable ways to grow your business profitably, plus you want great customer service, then Avnet’s technical experts, tools and resources are ready to help.

Start accelerating your success

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