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Business Service Management 

Today's economic reality demands that IT improve operational efficiency while at the same time delivering high-quality services. To achieve operational efficiency and cost savings, your customers are turning to business service management to help you isolate problems, understand their business impact and prioritize solutions to minimize the impact on your customers and your bottom line.  HP Business Service Management (BSM) is an end-to-
end management solution that integrates network, server, application and business transaction monitoring to help your customers improve IT operations efficiency while delivering high-quality services.

Customer benefits:

With these solutions, your IT organization can:

  • Provide the other 50% visibility you need, reducing time to resolution and cost of associated resources
  • Reduce false alarms by up to 95%.
  • Increase IT productivity by up to 36%. 
  • Reduce unplanned downtime through proactive risk management by up to 32.5% 
  • Improve service levels through fast problem isolation, diagnosis, and proactive monitoring and service-level management

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