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Organisations are placing increasingly high demands on their IT. They want rapid delivery of new features and capabilities, and they want access to these capabilities from a growing variety of devices. Development and testing teams are stepping up their efforts to support this demand, by adopting agile methodologies that allow them to deliver incremental improvements more quickly. However, provisioning the evolving composite software stack is complex and time-consuming, and the resulting systems administration effort has become an expensive bottleneck.

Avnet's Cloud-in-a-Box for Development and Test

Avnet has bundled server automation software with industry-leading testing tools and blade server hardware to create an ideal cloud appliance for development and testing. Developers and testers work in a common agile environment to define requirements, plan and execute testing, and track and remediate defects. Requisite software stacks are selected from an intuitive portal and resources are automatically allocated and deployed for immediate use. These resources are then released at the end of the cycle for reuse.

The appliance is pre-loaded with several third-party software packages to support popular development and testing environments out-of-the-box. It is designed to deliver significant cost savings and speed software time-to-market from the first month it is deployed. Avnet Partners are able to offer this appliance to their customers on a subscription basis - giving an immediate return-on-investment from their operating expense budget.

Key benefits of Cloud-in-a-Box for Development and Test:

Avnet's Cloud-in-a-Box for Development and Test directly addresses the bottleneck issue:

  • Improves system administration productivity by a factor of six
  • Reduces defact-related outages by 31%
  • Reduces problem management time by 41%.

This leads to a dramatic improvement in the time-to-market for new functionality and applications. A unique hardware, software and services offering from Avnet, Cloud-in-a-Box for Development and Test gives you a competitive edge and makes it possible for your customers to enjoy these benefits without dipping into their capital expenditure budget.

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