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IBM Technical Support Services (TSS) - Overview.

 A more innovative approach to technical support.       

There is a misconception that Technical Support Services (TSS) are only about on-site repair or that they are just an insurance policy for when something breaks.

IBM takes an integrated approach to hardware, software and multivendor support that helps your customers simplify IT asset management, enhance quality and control costs.

Aligned and designed with the needs of a smarter IT infrastructure in mind, TSS from IBM have been designed to take a more proactive role in ensuring that your customers' infrastructure continues to meet and exceeed expectations - with in-built diagnostics and automation providing timely resolution of service calls remotely, in most cases.

Fully backed by Avnet.

As the only UK Distributor able to offer the entire IBM portfolio, end-to-end, Avnet is home to the largest team of dedicated IBM resource in the UK.

With over 25 years of experience, and the unrivalled knowledge of our IBM Services team; Avnet is your partner of choice and first port of call for IBM TSS.

Please use the links below to explore TSS offerings in more detail:

Together, Avnet and IBM cover the complete IBM TSS portfolio - ensuring that your customers are in safe hands, and leaving you free to focus on new revenue streams.

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