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Whether your organisation is a provider or consumer of IT, having the right IT technical skills is a catalyst for innovation and getting more from technology. In IT environments where mistakes can cause expensive unplanned downtime, having the latest IT certifications is the best way for serious IT professionals to show employers and customers they can trust your expertise and competence to minimise risks and optimally use all the product features. This opens the door to new opportunities for accelerated career development and personal fulfilment.

We offer a rich portfolio of IBM authorised technical training and certification, equipping you with the skills needed to install, manage, configure and support complex IBM technology. Our training experts can help you choose the right IBM courses and guide you on your journey to obtaining the appropriate technical IT skills and latest IBM certifications.

IBM authorised courses are taught by certified instructors and can often be delivered in our classrooms, on site, online or self-paced, depending upon your preferred learning style.

All our courses are designed to help you get more from technology to create better business outcomes. To get started, contact your local Academy team or visit our Academy site for a full list of IBM course and schedules:

Tel: +44 (0)1344 766 866

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