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Avnet’s Oracle webinars on demand

Avnet, in partnership with Oracle, have recently launched an exclusive JD Edwards Apps in a Box integrated campaign for partners to take out to market. View this to understand how Oracle's Optimised Solution for JD Edwards can address the ever-changing challenges of Enterprise Resource Planning requirements that your customers inevitably encounter.

Avnet in partnership with Oracle is running a special promotion on NHS purchases made prior to April 30th 2013. Now is the perfect opportunity for all partners, whether you are an ISV, SI or VAR, to sell/upsell the full Oracle Redstack onto your NHS customers in light of the forthcoming transition of NHS Enterprise Wide Agreement to local ownership. Not only will Oracle and Avnet offer a further reduction in the cost of acquiring your customer’s license estate but they will also be providing training, webinars and campaign kits to help you fully understand this opportunity. Interested? If the answer is yes then make sure you watch this webinar to find out what this means to your business and how you can take full advantage of this special time limited promotion with your NHS customers and prospects.

NHS licensing promotion – the perfect time to sell/upsell Oracle Redstack. As well as watching the webinar detailing the NHS EWA promotion it is also worth watching this follow up webinar about selling/upselling the full Oracle Redstack onto your NHS customers as it will provide you with an indepth understanding of the associated NHS pricing and licensing considerations.

Watch this five minute webinar, presented by our Oracle Accreditation Manager, Karen Sweetingham, to find out the steps required to gain Oracle Hardware Resell Rights and the advantages of doing so.

The Oracle Partner Store (OPS) has recently become the single source for partners to register deals, obtain deal status, and place orders. The new deal registration system will offer several enhancements. Oracle’s Open Market Model (OMM) deal registration system is designed to provide you, our Oracle partners, with the maximum opportunities to earn revenues with Oracle. Watch this short half hour webinar from Avnet to help you understand how to take full advantage of the new OMM deal registration system on Oracle Partner Store.

Watch this short 30 minute webinar to find out the how to position GoldenGate with your customers through gaining an understanding of the key benefits, features and specific solutions that GoldenGate can provide to help ensure your customers’ data is available where and when it’s needed. During this webinar the licensing considerations associated with GoldenGate will also be explained.

View this short 20 minute webinar to find out what the key business objectives and benefits are on running online events. It will also help you understand the types of online events available, what the considerations are that you should take into account when running online events and how Avnet can help you deliver online events out to your Oracle customer base.

View the short webinar to find out the compelling reasons why your organisation should start utilizing social media to raise your profile into Oracle and your customers.

this is an updated version of this webinar on our on demand page) The aim of this updated online seminar is to provide some of the key information in relation to licensing rules, product information and some of the business practices to be aware of when selling Oracle Applications. This event is suitable for sales and pre-sales personnel who are new to Oracle Applications. Featuring Avnet’s applications specialist and in-house license expert Sandeep Patel.

Presented by Ritchie Edwards, Oracle Solution Sales Director.

Presented by Jon Tutcher, Oracle Core Technology Director, EMEA.

Presented by Greg Dopson, Oracle UK Hardware Product Manager.

Oracle Linux, an open source operating system, combined with Oracle’s new Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel brings the latest Linux innovations to market delivering extreme performance, advanced scalability and reliability for enterprise applications. Existing applications run unchanged with this kernel in place because all system libraries remain unchanged. To help you understand why Oracle Linux is the best Linux operating system of choice for your customers’ enterprise computing needs make sure you watch this 30 minute webinar with Pete Brown, EMEA Oracle VM and Linux Sales Manager.

Watch this 30 minute webinar to help you understand how Oracle’s virtualisation strategy will help you position your application in a much more cost efficient architecture, understand when selling your application into virtualisation infrastructures, how Oracle VM allows you to have a fully supported software stack from your application all the way through to the Oracle software components and learn why Oracle software is not supported in any other hypervisor and helps to control the cost of Oracle licenses’ where other VM platforms cannot.

First in a series of On Demand webinars about Avnet’s Estate Management services.  Find out how this allows a partner or end user to gain valuable insights into a client’s infrastructure and how this can benefit both the partner and end user customers.

The Sun ZFS Storage Appliance or Pillar Axiom Storage System when deployed with Oracle Database Enterprise Edition using Hybrid Columnar Compression provide dramatic results in database storage efficiency that translates to costs savings and improved query performance.

Oracle's SPARC T4-Series servers running Oracle Solaris provide the most scalable, secure, and highly integrated platform for the optimized deployment of enterprise and mission-critical applications.applications specialist and in-house license expert Sandeep Patel.

The Oracle Database Appliance is a new way to take advantage of the world's most popular database—Oracle Database 11g—in a single, easy-to-deploy and manage system. It's a complete package of software, server, storage, and network that's engineered for simplicity; saving time and money by simplifying deployment, maintenance, and support of database workloads. All hardware and software components are supported by a single vendor—Oracle—and offer customers unique pay-as-you-grow software licensing to quickly scale from 2 processor cores to 24 processor cores without incurring the costs and downtime usually associated with hardware upgrades.

S7000 product update called ZFS Storage Appliance.

The line is now built around standard Intel processors and use a hybrid storage architecture that incorporates both hard disk drives and SSDs (solid state drives) in order to ensure fast access to data.

The Siebel CRM Optimised Solution incorporates the Sun SPARC T3 servers.

T3-1 servers have 2x the throughput, 2x the memory, and 4x I/O bandwidth improvement over previous generation models.


Using Flash to Accelerate your Database Infrastructure

Hard disk technology can no longer keep up with the increasing input/output demands of today's storage applications. So what's the practical alternative? Consider Flash technology - Oracle's Sun Flash storage technology. Oracle's portfolio, which includes the Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array, provides highly efficient solutions that accelerate your database and enterprise application performance while dramatically reducing storage operating costs.

Learn more about our portfolio with a demonstration on how to optimise your Storage Infrastructure using data tiering.

With Flash technology you can:

Business never stops, so our Business Partners need a convenient and cost effective way to access information about the Oracle Support resources upon which an Oracle Partner can draw. Effective access of Oracle’s Support services is essential for any partner wishing to work most effectively. Five topics are covered in this session and they offer the basic knowledge that any partner (or customer) needs to know to work with and engage most effectively with Oracle’s Support organisation:

  • Topic 1: The ISV (ASFU License) Support Model
  • Topic 2: Value of Oracle Support
  • Topic 3: Working Effectively with Support
  • Topic 4: Experience the Next Generation of MetaLink: Introduction to 'My Oracle Support' Demonstration
  • Topic 5: Becoming a Support Specialist – Guided Learning Path training for Support within the OPN Portal

The aim of this online seminar is to provide some of the key information in relation to licensing rules, product information and some of the business practices to be aware of when selling Oracle Applications. This event is suitable for sales and pre-sales personnel who are new to Oracle Applications. Featuring Avnet’s applications specialist and in-house license expert Sandeep Patel.

This short, intensive web seminar from Avnet  covers the basics of Oracle's current Technology licensing and pricing policies, which will enable you to talk confidently to potential customers in relation to their Oracle license requirements.  The aim of this online seminar is to provide key information in relation to Oracle Technology products licensing rules, product information and key points to be aware of.

Topics covered include:

  • Products
  • Licensing Metrics and Types
  • Multi Core Policies
  • DR and Standby Rules
  • Hosting Environments
  • Test Session.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Avnet Oracle hotline team if you have any Oracle queries or call the hotline number on 01925 856999.


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